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Nicholas Robbins Family


AMASA B. ROBBINS (A biographical sketch abstracted from A History of Norway, Maine by Charles F. Whitman, published by Lewiston Journal Company, Lewiston, Maine, 1924) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.78.6


Amasa B. Robbins was born in Woodstock, Maine in 1842, the son of Oliver Robbins and Ann Stuart Thurlow. He resided most of his life in Oxford County, Maine, residing at Woodstock and Greenwood during his youth and at Woodstock and Norway in his later years. He followed his father into the wood trades as a carpenter and later as a wheelwright. During the Civil War he served in the 10th and 29th Maine Volunteer Regiments and was in all the battles of those organizations, going through them without a wound. Three of his brothers, Samuel, Richard and Rufus, were also in the War, the last serving in the Navy. Following the War, Amasa married Lizzie M. Rowe. They had five children: (Ed. note: Probably not in this order)


1. Helen B. Robbins, who married Charles F. Canwell. They had two children, Dorothy and Myron, and reside at Auburn, Maine;

2. Angie B. Robbins, who married Charles Higgins and had two children, Zilpha and Arthur. Angie died several years ago;


3. Lena Robbins, who married Edgar E. Irish of Hartford and had two children, Sarah and Lawrence;


4. Susie Robbins, who married Daniel Durgin of Brockton, Massachusetts; and


5. H. Arthur Robbins, born November 8, 1869 at Woodstock, who married Jennie L. Moore in 1898. Jennie is the daughter of Newton C. and Hattie (Williams) Moore of Albany, born July 3, 1870. Robbins is one of Norway's most prosperous farmers and a member of the board of selectmen, having served nearly ten years. This couple had four children: Clara B. Robbins, born November 8, 1900; Neil W. Robbins, born April 17, 1903, who died the following December 18th; Thelma P. Robbins, born December 6, 1904; and Malverda Robbins, born November 19, 1909.


Amasa B. Robbins died on October 20, 1910. His widow (Lizzie) now lives in Norway with their son, H. Arthur Robbins.


Submitted by Lawrence G. Robbins, January, 2007. Mr. Robbins may be contacted by email at

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