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Nicholas Robbins Family


SARAH (ROBBINS) CUTTER (A Biographical Sketch and Eulogy abstracted from History of the Cutter Family of New England, compiled by Benjamin Cutter and published by David Clapp & Son, Boston, Massachusetts, 1875) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.95


Sarah Robbins, daughter of Capt. Thaddeus and Rhoda (Gray) Robbins, born 22 Sep 1792 at North Yarmouth, Maine, married Samuel Bucknam Cutter on 14 Oct 1810 at North Yarmouth. Samuel was the son of John Cutter and Elizabeth (Loring) Cutter, born 15 Dec 1790 at North Yarmouth. They resided at North Yarmouth after marriage. Their issue:


1. Sarah Cutter, born 7 May 1812; married 24 May 1838, Rev. George F. Tewksbury, a Congregational minister at Gorham, New Hampshire, where they reside. Five children.


2. Samuel Augustus Cutter, born 5 Jun 1813; lost overboard on 23 Apr 1835 from the ship "Macedonia" on her passage from Mobile to Boston. He fell from one of the yards into the sea, from which every effort was made to recover him, but in vain. Two ropes were thrown him but he made no attempt to reach them nor did his head appear above water after he fell in.


3. George William Cutter, born 13 Mar 1818; married 14 Dec 1848, Mary Jane Scammon, daughter of Stephen and Eunice (Lancaster) Scammon of Franklin, Maine.

They reside at South Joggins, Nova Scotia, where he is a manufacturer and dealer in grindstones. Three children.


Samuel died suddenly in Norway, Maine on 29 Feb 1844, aged 53. Thereafter, Sarah removed to Gorham, where she lived with daughter Sarah and her family until her death on 22 Feb 1864 at age 71.


"Mrs. Cutter was at her death, and had been for forty-two years, a member of First Church in North Yarmouth. This was her native place. Here she had formerly resided and hither her remains have been brought to be interred in proximity with those of her family. In circumstances more than ordinarily difficult and depressing, she was called in early life to have individual responsibility in directing and sustaining her family.


Her wisdom, fidelity and success in meeting her responsibilities were such as are not common and as a consequence of what she was to her children when young and what she continued to be to them and their children through her whole life, she was loved by them with an affection almost passionate. She was remarkable for her energy, self-control, cheerfulness in trial, friendship and benevolence and for her native dignity and attractiveness of person and manner, which years did not impair. To the view of her friends, she was never old. More than all, she was apparently, and it is not doubted, really a follower of Jesus Christ. Her path was like the shining light which shineth more and more unto the perfect day. In later years especially, she had longed to follow the Lord fully and seemed to do everything out of love. And now, gently, and with brief and slight suffering, her Saviour has taken her to be with Himself in a world where love is perfect."


Submitted by Lawrence G. Robbins, April, 2008. Mr. Robbins may be contacted by email at

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