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Nicholas Robbins Family


TAMSON (ROBBINS) GLASS (Glass family gravestone inscriptions and records, Pine Grove Cemetery, Bangor, Maine, from an on-site survey by Theodore "Ted" Littlefield, Report of July 28, 2006) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family No. 7.48


"I revisited Pine Grove Cemetery in Bangor to gather more data on Consider and Thamson (Tamson on her stone) Glass and their children. I'll give you what I found in the order you have them listed in the book (The Nicholas Robbins Family).


1.  William R. Glass: He is buried in Lot 200. There is only one stone in the center with GLASS in raised letters on it. The record card names only three people: William R. Glass, Elizabeth M., and Sarah L.


2.  Harriet R. Glass: She is buried in Lot 44. There is a newer center stone with a large HARTHORN on it and then the lines: Josiah B. Harthorn 1828-1907, Harriet Glass his wife 1822-1859, and Annie S. Clark his wife 1838-1926. There are two original marble stones. One reads: Harriet M. Glass, wife of Josiah B. Harthorn, died April 12, 1859 at age 36 yrs 6mos. Beside it is a tiny marble stone reading "Little Ella". Beside these, probably where the originals were, are two granite footstones reading ANNIE and FATHER. The record card has Josiah dying Jan. 1, 1907, Harriet's birth and death dates as on the stones, Ella (infant), died Jan. 1, 1851, and Annie S., died Jan. 1, 1923 (sic). The card also shows an Alice G. Harthorn, died Sept. 12, 1891, buried there.


3.  Mary C. Glass: There is no record or stone for her. Is it possible her name was Caroline M. (Mary?) Glass? See the Cary Lot.


4.  Ezekiel Glass: He is buried in Lot 174. This is a good one with seven stones: Consider Glass, died June 2, 1881 (sic) at age 87 yrs (unreadable, repaired stone); Tamson Robbins, wife of Consider Glass, died Jan. 28, 1895 at age 94 yrs; Betsey, wife of Joseph Cram, died June 4, 1876 at age 77 yrs 2 days; Addie M., wife of Ezekiel Glass, died Jan. 28, 1929 at age 77 yrs 8 mos 18 days: Ezekiel Glass, died Dec. 25, 1908, at age 77 yrs 2 days; Lizzie M., wife of Ezekiel Glass, died Nov. 27, 1875 at age 36 yrs 7 mos 2 days; Fred E., son of Ezekiel & Lizzy Glass. Consider's father, also Consider Glass, had ten children, all by his first wife Hannah, and is buried with his fourth wife, Mrs. Martha Chenery, in Elmwood Cemetery in Guilford.


5.  Cordelia E. Glass: She is buried in Lot 197. This is the Cary Lot. There is a central plinth inscribed on four 

sides. Side 1: Thomas Cary, died Aug. 9, 1896 at age 69 yrs 11 mos 9 days; Cordelia E., his wife, died May 19, 1926 at age 88 yrs 3 mos 13 days. Side 2: Melville L. Cary, died July 10, 1884 at age 22 yrs 8 mos 19 days, son of Thomas & Cordelia. Side 3: Caroline M. Glass, wife of Thomas Cary, died Mar. 29, 1851 at age 19 yrs; Ida Ella, daughter of Thomas & Cordelia Cary, died June 10, 1858 at age 8 mos. Side 4: Frank Cary, died Jan. 10, 1905 at age 52 yrs. There are also eight small stones: Melville; Frank; Mother: Father; Caroline: Little Ida; Leroy T. Carlton Jr., June 29, 1904- Dec. 7, 1932; and Edith C. Carlton, Aug. 26, 1870 - Feb. 16, 1963.


6.  John H. Glass: I found no record of him in any Bangor cemetery but Lot 286, one of two Tasker lots, has a stone reading: Hattie C. Tasker, wife of John H. Glass, died May 21, 1873 at age 32 yrs 7 mos 19 days. I suspect that John married again and moved on. I think Hattie was a daughter of Ezra and Sarah Frost Tasker, parents of Samuel Frost Tasker who married Augusta Anna Glass. There are five stones in the lot. The other four are: Ezra Tasker, died Dec. 13, 1862 at age 60 yrs 3 mos 9 days; Sarah (Frost), wife of Ezra, died May 20, 1878 at age 68 yrs 2 mos 27 days; Lonzo (Lorenzo in 1850 Census) Tasker, died Santa Monica, Calif., Feb. 20, 1914 at age 69 yrs 9 mos 27 days; Charles F. Dailey, 1866-1937 (and) his wife, Minnie E. Tasker, 1869-1927. The Frost line includes many of the early movers and shakers in the Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME areas. (See The Nickolas Frost Family by J. E. Frost) 


7.  Augusta A. Glass: She is buried in Lot 190, the other Tasker lot. Her inscription on the plinth is: Augusta A. Glass, wife of Samuel F. Tasker, died May 30, 1876 at age 31 yrs 3 mos 24 days. She was married on June 9, 1866 in Bangor. Samuel, buried with Augusta, was born Mar. 20, 1846 in Dixmont, ME and died Dec. 28, 1915 in Bangor. I do not believe he married again. Samuel was a corporal and color bearer in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment and was wounded in the charge at Petersburg when the Regiment had the highest single day casualties of any regiment during the Civil War. Samuel and Augusta had three children: Edward, who married Myrtie Kilton; Myrtle, who married Elmer Work; and Mabel A. (1869-1931), who married Frederick Arthur Colby (1863-1910), who were my grandparents on my mother's (Mabelle Francis Colby, 1900-2000) side."


Submitted by Theodore ("Ted") R. Littlefield of Hampden, Maine. Mr. Littlefield, M.E., University of Maine, was Chief Engineer at Dow AFB until it closed in 1968 and thereafter had an AS degree program in Environmental Engineering Technology at Eastern Maine Community College, Bangor, until he retired nineteen years ago and got interested in ancestors. Mr. Littlefield may be contacted by email at


NRD: Nicholas Robbins, John Robbins, Jeduthan Robbins (Sr), Jeduthan Robbins (Jr), James Robbins, John Robbins, Tamson (Robbins) Glass, Augusta (Glass) Tasker, Mabel (Tasker) Colby, Mabelle (Colby) Littlefield, Theodore R. Littlefield

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