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Nicholas Robbins Family


BENJAMIN WHITEMORE ROBBINS (A biographical sketch abstracted from Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts, compiled and published by J. H. Beers & Company, Chicago, 1912). Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.137.5 


Benjamin Whitemore Robbins was born in Carver, Massachusetts on August 12, 1835, the son of Chandler and Sarah (Burgess) Robbins. He attended district schools until he was sixteen years old. After hiring out as a farm hand for a few years he returned home and worked with his father, farming in the summer season and lumbering during the winter. In 1860 the family estate was entrusted to his charge and he showed himself worthy of the confidence reposed in him, looking after its 150 acres with excellent judgment and showing good management in all his ventures. In 1880 he went into the cranberry business, now owning several acres of bogs, which he has cultivated most profitably. Mr. Robbins has kept pace with progress in his operations and has done his share in the promotion of one of the most important industries in this part of the State.


Besides attending to his own affairs, Mr. Robbins has found time for able service in public office, having filled many local positions of trust and also represented his district in the General Court (1882-1883). As fire warden, an office he filled for a number of years, he did good work, winning the encomiums of his fellow citizens. He is a Republican in political matters and a Congregationalist

in religious connection, being a member and deacon of the Carver Church. He belonged to the Order of Good Templars, a temperance organization, for a number of years


On April 9, 1862, Mr. Robbins married Lydia Maria Hammond, born September 10, 1834, daughter of Thomas and Lydia (Shaw) Hammond of Carver. Benjamin and Lydia had five children: (1) Annie H. Robbins, born September 14, 1863, died November 11, 1896. She was the wife of Theron M. Cole of Carver. Their children were Philip Stanley Cole, born December 25, 1886; Frank Harrison Cole, born September 6, 1889; Elsie Louise Cole, born April 20, 1892; and Annie Hammond Cole, born October 25, 1896; (2) John Sprague Robbins, born March 29, 1865, who lives in Plympton, Massachusetts. On November 10, 1887, John married Jennie Sherman, daughter of John and Sarah Newton (Wright) Sherman of Plympton. They have one child, Helen Sherman Robbins, born February 21, 1891; (3) Lucian T. Robbins, born April 25, 1870, who married Josephine Smith Morrill of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. They have one child, Edith Marion Robbins, born July 19, 1900; (4) Evelyn Florence Robbins, born May 15, 1875. Attended Northfield Seminary. She married Irving Niles Tilden of New Bedford, Massachusetts and has two children, Mary Wales Tilden, born October 19, 1904 and Benjamin Robbins Tilden, born March 21, 1907; and (5) Maurice F. Robbins, born April 19, 1879, who married Adelaide Elizabeth Linton of Nova Scotia and had Henry Howard Robbins, born April 19, 1899, Gertrude Linton Robbins, born July 8, 1900, Lillian Hammond Robbins, born October 28, 1901, Harold Benjamin Robbins, born October 16, 1902, Everett Warren Robbins, born July 6, 1905 and died on December 8, 1906, and George R. Robbins, born December 24, 1908. 


Submitted by Lawrence G. Robbins, January, 2007. Mr. Robbins may be contacted by email at

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