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Nicholas Robbins Family


ZILPHA (ROBBINS) RING (An obituary from the Michigan Christian Advocate by Clarence E. Hoag) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.34.5


"Mrs. Zilpha Robbins Ring, one of the pioneer settlers of Gratiot County, was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, June 7, 1822, and died at her home in Alma, Tuesday morning, October 17, 1905. In May, 1843, she was married to Marcus Ring, who at the age of eighty-nine survives her. Mr. and Mrs. Ring moved to Gratiot County nearly fifty years ago, when central Michigan was a wilderness. They purchased sixty acres of land and began to hew out a home in the forest. Four children were born to them before coming to Michigan, William H., Eliza, James M. and Helen. Five were born in this State, Addie L., Jennie, Josephine, Norman J. and Effie M. Their first home in Gratiot County was a log cabin of one room and there, to the wild music of moaning winds and howling wolves, Mrs. Ring reared her children and performed the arduous duties of a pioneer's wife. In those days women as well as men were made of granite

and iron.  Mrs. Ring, besides caring for her family, worked in the fields and at clearing land, helping her husband nobly to carve out a home in the wilderness. She was converted at the early age of fourteen and for nearly seventy years lived a consistent Christian life. Mr. and Mrs. Ring were among the first members of the Parkinson class when Father Sheldon was the circuit rider and their home was always the preacher's stopping place and all they had was at his disposal. When, at quarterly meeting time, they would ask Sister Ring how many she could take home with her, she would answer, "As many as there are boards in the floor." When they first came to Michigan, at one time they were in great need of provisions, and Mrs. Ring prayed to God for help. Before nightfall her prayer was answered and they promised God that what they had should be his and all through the years of prosperity they gave liberally to the church, helping to build seven churches and parsonages. About three months ago Mrs. Ring was taken with the illness that terminated her life. During those last weeks she was a constant sufferer but was patient and trustful to the end and died triumphant in the faith. She leaves her husband, five children and one sister, Mrs. Mary Ring, to mourn her departure. The funeral was held in the Methodist Church in Alma, services conducted by the writer and interment made in Brady Cemetery.---Clarence E. Hoag"


Submitted by Dorothy Mallory of Elwell, Michigan, July, 2004.

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