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Nicholas Robbins Family


(Biographical data abstracted from Charlton, Dudley, Springfield, Webster and Worcester, Massachusetts town records, associated census records and the family records of Emma Frances (Elliott) Derbyshire, compiled and submitted to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in 1991 by her granddaughter, Frances (Derbyshire) Mazur of Brick, New Jersey) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.117.4


William Robbins, son of Samuel Robbins and Zilpha Whitman, was born February 14, 1813 at Thompson, Connecticut. His early years were spent on the family farm in the northeastern corner of Connecticut. On November 19, 1837 he married Elizabeth Bates, also of Thompson. Elizabeth was a seventh generation descendant of Clement Bates, who came with his family from Lydd, County Kent, England in 1635 and settled at Hingham, Massachusetts. Elizabeth was born at Thompson on February 15, 1819, the daughter of William Bates and Sally Joslin. After marriage, William and Elizabeth continued to reside in Thompson, where eight of their fifteen children were born. Following the birth of Orrin in 1850, they resettled in Dudley, Massachusetts, a nearby community across the border from Thompson. William continued to farm there and later at Charlton, about ten miles north of Dudley. He died at Charlton on March 22, 1880. Elizabeth followed on March 9, 1888, also at Charlton. The children recorded to this couple included: 


1. Horace David Robbins was born on January 19, 1839 at Thompson, Connecticut. He married Ada M. (Clapp) Olney on November 20, 1884 at Charlton. Ada was the daughter of James and Annie Clapp, born in February, 1862 at Woodstock, Connecticut. She was the widow of Forest Olney, who died in early 1882. After marriage, Horace and Ada farmed in the Charlton area. Horace died at Springfield, Massachusetts on January 6, 1897. Horace and Ada had two children: i. Millie E. Robbins was born on November 15, 1885 at Charlton. She married Harry K. Smith on May 29, 1909 at Springfield, Massachusetts. Millie and Harry settled in Springfield. In the 1910 Census for that place, Harry was recorded as an employee of an automobile dealer and Millie as a stenographer; ii. Horace Earle Robbins, in later records shown as Earle H. Robbins, was born on December 14, 1890 at Southbridge, Massachusetts. He also worked for an automobile dealer in Springfield in 1910. According to the 1930 Census, Earle H. and Pauline A. Robbins were still residing in Springfield, where Earle was employed as a salesman for a motorcycle dealer. No children for this couple were recorded in that Census.


2. Ellen Augusta Robbins was born on May 26, 1840 at Thompson, Connecticut. She married Anson P. Goodell on September 11, 1864 at Dudley, Massachusetts. Anson was the son of Warren Goodell and Clarinda Healy, born around 1840 in Dudley. Local records indicate that Anson served three years in the Civil War as a member of Company "D", 25th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteers. It appears this couple removed to Brookfield, Massachusetts soon after marriage and that several of their children were born there, including: Edwin P. Goodell, born August 14, 1865; Mable F. Goodell, born September 4, 1873; and Louis A. Goodell, born June 20, 1875. In the 1900 Census for Brookfield, Anson is noted as a shoemaker, age 60, born in Massachusetts, married 35 years, with wife Ellen, also age 60 and married 35 years. They are noted as the parents of five children of which two were still living. Also in the household was daughter Mabel, age 26, single and employed as a clerk at the post office. The other surviving child, Louis A. Goodell, was recorded in the 1900 Census as a meat cutter, residing in Springfield, Massachusetts, with wife Sadie, daughter Minnie and son Everett.


3. Emma Frances Robbins was born on November 22, 1841 at Thompson, Connecticut. She married Joseph R. Elliott on May 5, 1864 in Dudley, Massachusetts. Joseph was the son of Schuyler Elliott and Hannah Moore, born November 28, 1844 at Thompson. Emma and Joseph resided at Brookfield, Massachusetts, where Joseph worked as a carpenter. They had two children, Emma Frances and Josephine. Joseph died unexpectedly on October 30, 1868 from inflammation of the bowels, a few months before the birth of daughter Josephine. By the time of the 1870 Census, Emma and her two young daughters had moved back to Dudley, where Emma's younger sister, Adelaide Robbins, was living with them, probably to help care for the children. By 1880 Emma and her daughters had removed to Lincoln, Rhode Island, where the census indicates both children were attending school and Emma had taken in a couple boarders. No further record of Emma was found. Family records indicate the eldest of the daughters, Emma Frances Elliott was born April 18, 1867 at Brookfield and married Joseph Derbyshire on February 28, 1889 in Rhode Island. At the time of the 1900 Census, Emma Frances and Joseph were residing in Lincoln, where Joseph was employed in a bleachery. Also in that census was their son, Elliott Derbyshire, age 6, born in September, 1893, attending school. Emma and Joseph's younger daughter, Josephine R. Elliott, was born on January 10, 1869 at Brookfield. She married Frank H. Meader on December 25, 1886 in Rhode Island. In the 1900 Census for Lincoln, Rhode Island, Frank was noted as a farmer, born in Rhode Island in May, 1862. Josephine and Frank's children were: Herbert F. Meader, born September, 1888; Bertha E. Meader, born May, 1891; and Esther N. Meader, born January, 1894. All three children were still living with their parents in 1910. By the time of that census, son Herbert had joined his father in the farm operation and Josephine's uncle, Newton Robbins, had come to live with them and was working on the farm as a laborer. 


4. Morton Drew Robbins was born April 1, 1843 at Thompson, Connecticut. Morton served in the Civil War as a member of Company "D", 25th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. At the time of enlistment in October, 1861, he was noted as a farmer, residing in Dudley, Massachusetts. In May, 1864, he was wounded in the second Battle of Drewry's Bluff near Richmond, Virginia and was subsequently mustered out of the service in October of that year. After the war, Morton removed to the Boston area and went into business. He married Emma J. Bertz on September 1, 1874 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Emma was born in Boston, Massachusetts in September, 1854, the daughter of Augustus and Louise Bertz. At the time of their marriage, Morton was noted as a trader. They had one child, Mabel E. Robbins, born June 7, 1876, at Cambridge. It seems that Morton suffered from some form of mental illness in the 1880s. He died relatively young on August 19, 1888 at Worcester, Massachusetts. The cause of death was listed as chronic dementia. At the time of the 1900 Census, widow Emma and daughter Mabel were residing in Cambridge, where Mabel was working as a stenographer.


5. Juliette Elizabeth Robbins was born April 12, 1845 at Thompson, Connecticut. She died unmarried on March 31, 1863 at Dudley, Massachusetts of heart disease.  


6. Sarah Janette Robbins was born December 5, 1846 at Thompson, Connecticut. She married George O. Chamberlain on March 4, 1900, probably in Connecticut. In the 1900 Census for Woodstock, Connecticut, Sarah and George were listed as residents of that place,

married three months. George was noted as a shoemaker by trade, 62 years old and born in September, 1837 in Connecticut. Family records indicate this was Sarah's only marriage.


7. Newton Austin Robbins was born November 17, 1848 at Thompson, Connecticut. He remained single throughout his life. Newton helped on the family farm until his father died. In the 1880 Census he was listed as a farm laborer on the Jonas Bemis farm in Charlton next door to his brother, Everett. At the time of the 1900 Census he was again shown as a farm laborer, this time working and living on his brother William's farm in Charlton. By 1910 he was living with his niece Josephine and her husband, Frank Meador, and working on their farm in Lincoln, Rhode Island. By that time he was 61 years old. No further record of him was found.


8. Orrin Bates Robbins was born on November 29, 1850 at Thompson, Connecticut. He died unmarried at Charlton, Massachusetts on May 22, 1874.


9. Everett Samuel Robbins was born on March 19, 1853 at Dudley, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth A. Turpin on December 10, 1879 at Charlton, Massachusetts. Elizabeth, also referred to as "Lizzie", was born on February 21, 1859 at Springfield, Massachusetts, the daughter of William and Flora Turpin. Following marriage, Everett and Elizabeth farmed in the Charlton area. By the time of the 1900 Census, they had relocated to Springfield, Massachusetts, and were residing on State Street. Everett was noted in that census as "Foreman-City Teamsters". In the 1910 Census, they were still living on State Street in Springfield, but this time Everett was listed as a "Farm owner". By the time of the 1930 Census, Everett and Elizabeth had removed to Covington Street in Springfield and Everett had retired. According to family records, Elizabeth died at Springfield on April 23, 1936. Everett followed on April 22, 1939, also at Springfield. Three children were recorded to this couple: i. Howard E. Robbins, born October 8, 1880 at Charlton. Howard was a brick mason by trade. In 1900 he married Lola May Allen. Lola was born September 4, 1882 at Monson, Massachusetts, the daughter of Ruel and Ida (Davis) Allen. They resided in Springfield and had four children: Willard A. Robbins, born in 1901; Walter E. Robbins, born around 1904; and twins, Dorris E. Robbins and Douglas E. Robbins, born around 1908. By the time of the 1930 Census, Howard and Lola were still living in Springfield and sons Willard and Douglas has followed their father into the masonry trade; ii. Stewart E. Robbins (also shown as Stuart E. Robbins), born October 28, 1885 at Charlton. Stewart was noted as a masonry contractor, residing with his parents and younger siblings at Springfield at the time of the 1910 Census. In the 1950s he supplied information on his family to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, at which time he was living on Lakeville Avenue in Springfield; and iii. William N. Robbins, born March 29, 1888 at Webster, Massachusetts. In the 1910 Census for Springfield, he was listed as a truck driver, living with his parents and older brother Stewart on State Street in Springfield.


10. Caroline Sophronia Robbins was born March 17, 1855 at Dudley, Massachusetts. She married Adolphus Horr on December 18, 1883 at Webster, Massachusetts. Adolphus was the son of Wilfred and Phoebe Horr, born around 1854 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. By the time of the 1900 Census, this couple was residing at Lincoln, Rhode Island, where Adolphus was employed as a teamster. That census indicates Adolphus and Caroline had been married sixteen years and were childless.


11. Adelaide Maria Robbins was born January 22, 1857 at Dudley, Massachusetts. She married Charles L. Harris on November 3, 1880 at Dudley. Charles was the son of Lucian and Mary Harris, born on February 5, 1852 at Dudley. By the time of the 1900 Census, this couple was residing at Webster, Massachusetts, where Charles was employed in a woolen mill and Adelaide ("Addie") was working as a nurse. That census indicates Charles and Adelaide had been married twenty years and were childless.


12. Fidelia ("Della") Ann Robbins was born December 29, 1858 at Dudley, Massachusetts. She married Frank Knight on October 28, 1880 at Charlton, Massachusetts. Frank was the son of Albert and Susan Knight, born in July, 1853 at Charlton. This couple resided in Charlton, where Frank owned and operated a grocery store. Their children included: Clarence H. Knight, born in January, 1882; Lucian F. Knight, born in December, 1888; and Elida M. Knight, born in October, 1890. At the time of the 1910 Census, Frank and Della had been married 29 years and had three children, all living. Frank had died by 1920, when Della was noted as a widow, residing with two of her children, son Lucian and daughter Elida, in Charlton. Della was still living in Charlton at the time of the 1930 Census, this time alone. Residing nearby were her brother, William I. Robbins, and his wife Ellen.


13. William Isaac Robbins was born on January 4, 1861 at Dudley, Massachusetts. He married Ellen McKinstry on May 4, 1893 at Charlton, Massachusetts. Ellen was the daughter of Sylvanus and Clarissa McKinstry, born on February 21, 1870 at Charlton. This couple settled in Charlton after marriage and were still there in 1930. William was listed variously as a farmer (1900 Census), Carpenter (1910 and 1920 Censuses) and a school janitor (1930 Census). No occupation was noted for Ellen until 1930, at which time she was recorded as a public library librarian. William and Ellen had two children: i. Sibyl Emma Robbins, born January 2, 1894, who married William K. Schwab on September 5, 1913 at Charlton. William was a high school teacher in New Haven, Connecticut in 1920 and in Pleasantville, New Jersey in 1930. A son, William K. Schwab, Jr., age 9, was noted in the 1930 Census; ii. Estes J. Robbins was born July 22, 1896 at Charlton. There is conflict between the birth records and later censuses with regard to Estes. His birth record at Charlton notes him as Esther Joslin Robbins, daughter of William and Ellen. Both the 1900 and 1910 Censuses refer to him as Estes (or "Estus") J. Robbins, son of William and Ellen Robbins. No further record was found of him after the 1910 Census for Charlton, at which time he was 13.


14. Julia Elizabeth Robbins was born July 26, 1863 at Dudley, Massachusetts. She married Frank Olney on May 6, 1885 at Charlton, Massachusetts. Frank was born in Connecticut in February, 1860. This couple resided in Charlton. In the 1900 Census for that place, Frank was noted as a grocery clerk. In 1910 he was recorded as a retail store merchant. Julia and Frank had two children, Maud E. Olney, born in July, 1886, and Leslie C. Olney, born in August, 1889. At the time of the 1900 Census, they were noted "at school". In the 1910 Census, daughter Maud was listed as a saleswoman in a retail store and son Leslie was noted as a painter. Both were still living with their parents in Charlton at the time of that census.


15. Frank Fremont Robbins was born on September 12, 1865 at Dudley, Massachusetts. He married Effie McClellen on February 15, 1893, place uncertain. By 1900 this couple was residing in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where Frank was employed in a market. According to the 1900 Census, Effie was born in Maine in June, 1873. This couple had one child, daughter Edith H. Robbins, born in November, 1898 in Rhode Island. At the time of the 1910 Pawtucket Census, Frank was listed as a market proprietor. That census also indicates that daughter Edith had died sometime between the censuses. In the 1920 Census for Pawtucket, Frank was noted as proprietor of a meat market and in the 1930 Census for that place, as a market and grocery merchant.


Submitted by Lawrence G. Robbins, October, 2009. Mr. Robbins may be contacted by email at

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