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RICHARD DEGARMO ROBBINS (Compiled by Cynthia (Wickenhiser) Utic and confirmed by Edith (Robbins) Wickenhiser) Re: The Nicholas Robbins Family, No. 7.148.4


Richard DeGarmo Robbins, the only child of Orlando H. Robbins (1845-1917) and Mary B. Lievense (1854-1939), was born August 3, 1871 in Van Buren County, Michigan. Orlando was a fruit inspector for the State of Michigan. His home in Hart, Oceana County, Michigan, which still stands, later became the home of Richard and his family.


On July 14, 1897, Richard married Mabel May Polley at the Polley home in Hart. Mabel was born August 13, 1881 in Mears, Michigan, one of four children of George H. and Nancy (Woodard) Polley. The Robbins resided in Oceana County throughout their married life, having 

a family of thirteen children there:


1. Edna May Robbins (1899-1981); married Carl Peter Schoenberg; resided in Shelby, Michigan.


 2. Edwin Abraham Robbins (1900- ); married Ethel ________; resided in Clovis, California.


 3. Orlando Mason Robbins (1902-1989); married Dorothy Shafer (1910-1991); resided in Hart,



 4. Roy Hamilton Robbins (1903-1986); married Clara A. Brown; resided in Hart, Michigan. 


 5. Nellie Irene Robbins (1904-1973); married Archibald Beggs; resided in Mears, Michigan.


 6. Mildred Leone Robbins (1906-1993); resided in East Lansing, Michigan


 7. George Richard Robbins (1907-1981); married Thersia Erickson; resided in San Francisco,



 8. DeGarmo Robbins (1910-1975); married Ada E. Heiden; resided in Ida, Michigan.


 9. Ruth Helen Robbins (1913), who died at two days of age and was buried at Crystal Valley Cemetery.


 10. Roland Ralph Robbins (1915-2001); married Mattie Shafer; resided in Dundee, Michigan.


 11. Ernest Dale Robbins (1918-1993); married Rita _________; resided in Hart, Michigan.



Nicholas Robbins Family

12. Edith Lorraine Robbins (1920- ); married Mike Wickenhiser; resided in East Lansing, Michigan.


13. Etta Mary Robbins (1922-1993); married _________ Wilson; resided in Lansing, Michigan.


Richard worked for Hawley Nurseries and as a farmer in the Peachville area. In later years he served as groundskeeper for Hart Cemetery. Mabel was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She also served the community as a mid-wife. Richard died on September 15, 1945. After his death Mabel still had a grandchild at home to raise. She was a kind-spoken woman with little material wealth, a strict disciplinarian with a great love of children. When she died on November 5, 1973, Mabel was known by many of her 226 direct descendants spanning four generations as the beloved matriarch of the Robbins family. Mabel was laid to rest with Richard and his parents at Hart Cemetery.


Richard D. Robbins Family, Hart, Michigan, 1923 (Back, L. to R.: Mabel, Edna, Roy, Nellie holding Etta, Mildred and Richard; Front, L. to R.: Edith, Ernest, Roland and DeGarmo)


Submitted by Cynthia (Wickenhiser) Utic of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ms. Utic may be contacted by email at


NRD: Nicholas Robbins, John Robbins, Jeduthan Robbins (Sr), Lemuel Robbins (Sr), Lemuel Robbins (Jr), Thomas B. Robbins, Richard N. Robbins, Orlando H. Robbins, Richard D. Robbins, Edith (Robbins) Wickenhiser, Cynthia (Wickenhiser) Utic

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