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Althea B. (Robbins) Leonard McNeill

Originally published 8 Apr 2014

Dear Robbins Cousins,

Just posted on the website: A biography of Althea B. (Robbins) Leonard McNeill by Lawrence G. Robbins. Althea was the fourth daughter of ship captain, Prince Robbins and Isabella (Purdy) Robbins. Around 1869, the family moved from Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia to Michigan. Between 1910 and 1920, Althea and her family moved from Michigan to Skagit County, Washington.

To quote Mr. Robbins:

"Nova Scotian by birth and brought to the wilds of Michigan as a teenager, she had lived a long and benevolent life, employing the homemaking and nurturing skills learned from her mother to raise five boys to manhood, while being widowed twice in the process."

--A lovely tribute to a long, productive life.

Mr. Robbins also gratefully acknowledges the family history data supplied to him by Dawn (Robbins) Mayerson from the records of her father, Clarence Robbins.

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