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The Nicholas Robbins Family DNA Project

Our cousin, Clark Robbins, has created a Family DNA site entitled The Nicholas Robbins Family DNA Project especially for those of us who claim Nicholas Robbins as a paternal ancestor.

Clark has done great work for our family on this project, so please visit the site and be sure to have a look at the sections entitled DNA Test Results So Far, The Deep Ancestry of Nicholas and His Descendants, and What's Next?

Documented descendants of paternal line relatives of Nicholas Robbins are being sought for DNA testing. As Clark indicates on his website,

"If such descendants, probably in England, were to be tested and found to match the direct 'colonial' descendants of Nicholas already tested, then they (the descendants of relatives) may know more on Nicholas's ancestors and their origins than us colonials, thus assisting in the quest."

English Robbins Families: Please contact Clark Robbins at if you believe you, too, are descended from Nicholas Robbins. Your distant cousins on the "other side of the pond" will be exceedingly grateful.


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