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Rob Robbins - NSF US Antarctic Program Diver

Robert G. "Rob" Robbins is a professional diver who works for the National Science Foundation (NSF) US Antarctic Program. He has worked in support of NSF Polar research programs since 1979 and recently logged his 2,000th dive in Antarctica, an amazing accomplishment.

According to Lawrence Robbins, Rob began diving as a teenager in the shark-infested waters around Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii, where his dad was stationed as a project manager. It's been one adventure after another for him ever since.

In November 2013, Rob and his colleague Steve Rupp were featured in a article entitled "The Gorgeous, Dangerous World Below Antarctic: A dispatch from the continent’s artist-in-residence" by Jynne Dilling Martin. In this article, Martin describes the difficulties, excitement, and wonders of diving under the ice near McMurdo Station on the south tip of Ross Island.

On October 27, 2015, Rob's 2,000th dive was highlighted on The NSF Division of Polar Programs Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account, have a look at this posting which includes a picture of Rob and some of his undersea photography.

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