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Black Cats and Christmas?

Originally published 22 Dec 2013

Would you send a Christmas card with an image of two black cats? What’s more, would you expect the card to wish the recipient good luck? I’m not superstitious, but I think the black cat theme would be a ways down my Christmas card selection list. Yet, amongst Grandmother Robbins’ collection of calling cards I found such a card.


The card was from my Great Grand Aunt, Mary Robbins, to her friend Emily Sisson. Mary was born in 1857 in Unadilla, NY. A photograph of Mary is on the Nicholas Robbins Family website photograph carousel.

Black cats may symbolize good or bad luck, depending on the culture. I searched the web to see if black cats might have specific symbolism at Christmastime. Was there was an association with black cats and good luck during the second half of the 19th century? Or, did a pair of black cats signify good luck? I have yet to find an answer to my questions. If you know the answer, or have a theory, please post your response.

Merry Christmas! May two black cats bring you good luck!

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