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Originally published 6 Nov 2013

Having trouble getting a search result concerning a Greek ancestor? Well, A Country Guide to Google Search Engines posted on the GenealogyInTime web site may help you obtain better results. According to the article, there are over 150 Google search engines which can provide completely different results for the same search terms. Why so many search engines? There are multiple reasons, from language to computer capacity, but according to GenealogyInTime:

"Most Search is Local: Over 80% of all Google searches are for local search results. Google knows that someone searching for pizza in Sydney, Australia does not want to see results for local pizza restaurants in (say) New York city."

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Most likely we'd be really annoyed if our searches for an item we wanted turned up results for a store half way around the world. So, the next time you are researching an ancestor from outside the US, take a look at the article linked below to find the appropriate search engine.

Article Link:

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