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In Memory of Carolyn C. (Robbins) Michaels

Originally published 16 Mar 2014

Tomorrow, March 17th, marks one year since my cousin Carolyn (Robbins) Michaels passed away. She was my dad's first cousin, and my first cousin once removed. As a child, I remember her visiting Grandmother Robbins from time to time, but I really didn't know much about her then. Years after, when my mother and father passed away, she graciously came to both their funerals, which were six days apart.

We exchanged Christmas cards for a few years, but I lapsed in sending them out. Later, when I sent one to her again, it was returned. We had lost touch.

Then, a few years ago, I received an e-mail from her. Ninety years old and she was using e-mail! This, I thought, was really cool.

Not long after, I visited her at her home. She had a few stories about my dad as a little boy. Once she and my dad painted a portion of their grandpa Robbins' barn. Their grandmother (Ella Mae Sweet Dodge) was quite upset, but grandpa (Henry Ephraim Robbins) calmly took them both outside and told them they shouldn't have done that. No spankings, from what I recall. Through our discussion that day, I learned Carolyn had a great love for her grandfather. For Christmas that year, I was able to make a memory book with copies of letters Henry had written to Ella just a few months before they were married in 1896. I'm told Carolyn cried when she received the book. I'm glad I was able to give her this gift. Carolyn was a kind, caring soul. She is missed by many.

A link to Carolyn's obituary is found at: Carolyn C. (Robbins) Michaels

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