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The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century

Originally published 21 Jul 2014

Today I was pleased to receive a certificate of membership in The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century as a descendant of Richard Warren. Warren was a passenger on the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. Before coming to the New World, he was a merchant in London. Relatively little is known about his life in America, but as all his children lived to adulthood, he has many descendants. Perhaps one day more will be learned about his life in England, but I am tremendously proud to be descended from someone who had the courage to embark on such a dangerous and harsh trip. He is one of the ancestors I think of when I have a difficult task to accomplish.

My deepest thanks to Lawrence G. Robbins for informing me of my direct lineage from Richard Warren and affirming what my grandmother, Charlotte (Robbins) Fleming, told me years ago, but I didn't quite believe.


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