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Christopher Robbins Cited in the Great Migration Newsletter

Last October, Christopher Robbins' article entitled "New Evidence for the English Origins of Nicholas Robbins" was published in the prestigious genealogical quarterly, the The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Now his research has been cited in the Great Migration Newsletter*.

According to the Newsletter,

"The author clinches the identification [of Nicholas Robbins] by noting that the immigrant was described as a shoemaker in New England records and then finding a 1623 document in Dover describing a dispute over church practices between 'Nicholas Robbins, a shoemaker' and the minister of St. James, Dover. Finally, the author also discovered that just a few weeks before the sailing of the Blessing, Nicholas Robbins took the Oath of Supremacy and Allegiance to the King, . . ."

The Great Migration Project seeks to document genealogical details of immigrants who arrived in the New World from 1620 to 1640. Robert Charles Anderson, who has directed this project since 1988, has written several highly regarded books about the settlers of this era. The Newsletter surveys recent research findings concerning immigrants of this period.

This is another big honor for our cousin, Chris. Congratulations, Chris!

* Volume 23, No. 1, pg. 7.

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