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Wilbur H Bohne WWI Soldier

Recently, I was looking back at photographs I scanned from my grandfather, Clarence R. Fleming's photo album. I was reminded that he had five or six photographs of fellow soldiers. On the back of the pictures he wrote the names and home towns of these fellows. I'm not sure if copies of the photos were ever shared with the subjects. In the event they were not, I will publish them here on the blog over the course of the next month in the hope they will be discovered by descendants and will provide a heretofore unseen glimpse of their soldier.

The first soldier I will highlight is Wilbur H. Bohne. On the reverse of the image, my grandfather wrote: Amsterdam, NY, RD#2. There is no date, however, my grandfather served from 1917 to the end of the war in the 493rd Aero Squadron.

Wilbur H Bohne

Wilbur H. Bohne

Amsterdam, NY

Contact me at if you would like a higher resolution electronic version of this photograph as well as an image of the reverse side.

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