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Four WWI Soldiers - Swanson Dolan Pounds and Mello

Today I'm posting one of my favorite pictures in my grandfather's WWI collection of photos. It's not an impromptu picture--these guys had to have made plans to get together for the portrait. To me, that indicates a bit deeper connection amongst them.

Their names and home, if noted are: (1) Conrad F. Swanson, 18 Pigeon Hill St., Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts (2) William Dolan, Newburg, Oregon (3) H.W. Pounds, Myrtle Creek, Oregon, and (4) E.T. Mello


(1) Swanson, (2) Dolan, (3) Pounds, (4) Mello

Contact me at if you would like a higher resolution of this photograph as well as an image of the reverse side.

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