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WWI Soldiers - Last Installment

Oh what it's like to be a soldier. Misery, pride, adventure, comradery, with moments of sheer terror. Both my WWI grandfathers are gone now, but they certainly have not been forgotten.

Camp Kelly Texas July 1917

Camp Kelly, TX

July 1917, "Rain Storm"

WWI Biplane and Soldier

Name Unknown

Way Up High

Name Unknown

2 Guys on Bridge

Names Unknown--Don't Miss the Second Guy

Wilkinson and Shea, Pruniers, June 1918

1) George Wilkinson, 704 North 36th St, West Philly, PA

2) Edward Shea, 90 Pleasant St.,

June 1918, Pruniers, France

Grandpas Pass

Clarence R. Fleming

December 1918

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